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If you’ve ever wanted the benefits of liposuction without having to go through the invasive procedure itself, Smartlipo™ by Cynosure® may be for you. The team at Parkway Medical offers minimally invasive Smartlipo treatments to help you get the body of your dreams. See if you’re a candidate for Smartlipo by scheduling a consultation at this Glen Burnie, Maryland, clinic. You can request an appointment online, or call the office.

Smart Lipo Q & A

How does Smartlipo work?

Smartlipo combines traditional liposuction techniques with modern laser energy solutions. The Parkway Medical team performs Smartlipo using only a local anesthetic, so you’re entirely comfortable and awake throughout this in-office procedure.

Once you’re numb, your practitioner makes a small incision and inserts a very thin tube that contains the cutting-edge Smartlipo laser fiber. This laser fiber sends gentle waves of thermal energy directly into fat cells in the targeted area, forcing them to break down and melt.

Smartlipo’s laser energy simultaneously stimulates tissue coagulation in the surrounding area, so your skin firms and tightens up. The final step involves using mild suction to remove the “melted” fat. After sealing up your small incision, you have a short wait in the recovery room, but can have someone drive you home right afterward.

When will I see results after a Smartlipo treatment?

Because Smartlipo involves permanently destroying and extracting fat cells, you’re going to see results shortly after surgery — after any minor inflammation subsides. But since Smartlipo also helps your treatment area tighten up through tissue coagulation, you’re going to see continued improvement in the targeted area for up to 3-6 months afterward.

Most men and women are so pleased with their Smartlipo results they become more motivated to maintain their diet and exercise routine to enjoy long-lasting results.

Am I a candidate for Smartlipo?

Smartlipo isn’t a weight-loss procedure, although it can help you get rid of fat and stubborn spots that are resistant to diet and exercise. You might be a candidate for Smartlipo if you’re not significantly overweight and have fat deposits on your:

  • Flanks and belly
  • Upper arms
  • Upper or lower back
  • Neck or jawline
  • Inner thighs
  • Buttocks (banana roll)

The best way to know if Smartlipo is an ideal minimally invasive body sculpting option for you is to have a thorough evaluation at Parkway Medical. After the team evaluates your health, they can let you know if you’re a candidate for Smartlipo and what you can expect after your procedure.

Find out if Smartlipo is right for you by scheduling an evaluation at Parkway Medical. Book your evaluation online or over the phone.

* Individual results may vary.